Re: Tuft test video

Anthony P

That is a very interesting video Jay.  Thanks for posting all of these.

The relative wind for the strainer and the canard seem like they would be quite different due to the effect of the canard on the airflow.
If the strainer isn't acting like an airfoil, maybe a tab would be just as effective.
I guess the strainer was created to provide the necessary torque about the elevator pivots with the least amount of drag.
Seems like placing it higher, lower, or further back would get it into cleaner air.

Placing the strainer close to the root will reduce the radial bearing loads on the mid and outboard elevator bearings.  I guess this is good, but I know you have a beefed up mid bearing.  But, this does introduce a torsion in the elevator about its span.

Has anyone thought and played around with a wicker or Gurney Flap along the full length of the upper trailing edge of the elevator?
This would nicely distribute the downward force along the entire span of the elevator and therefore not put the elevator in torsion.
This could be a bonded piece of sheet metal or a built-up area of flox/dry micro.
Maybe it would create more drag for the same moment as the strainer.

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