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Hi David,

You and I are both right, but I should have been a bit more concise. I
was referring to the remedial derating of the engine (i.e. reducing the RPM
range out of resonance). This reduction enabled the jets to remain flying
whilst the Rolls Royce engine designers stood in a circle taking turns to
kick each others bums for overlooking the "not so obvious" and trying to
explain to the bean counters why this "whoopsie" was going to cost several
million dollars to fix.

happy New Year to you all


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You, of course, meant to say, "take the parts INTO the resonant range."

David J. Gall

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and the TBO is......?
< snip, snip... >

From memory 6% change in RPM was all that was required to take the
out of the resonant range.

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