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Mike Dwyer

Mostly behind the seats.  I can store about 5 roll bags there and because I don't have rudder pedals on the passenger side I store the heaviest bag in front of the passengers feet.  One time coming back from the Bahamas I was unloading at customs and they were astounded at all the stuff I pulled out!
Mike Dwyer Q200

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Where exactly is “baggage” in a Quickie?

Fredd Baber

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Michael, firm price $28,500.



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     Some photographs and information on N131PS: Serial number 2520 was built June, 1997, it has 870TT as of today. The Revmaster was swapped for a  120 HP Jabiru 3300 June 2002, it has 676 TT now.  It has a spartan interior in good shape and minimal VFR avionics and panel.
This photograph was taken on the ramp at Durango Colorado this past Christmas.
200 MPH low pass

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