Re: Jim Bob 6 pack, who really has it?

Sam Hoskins

Troy, you raise a good topic for discussion.  You will get about 40 different opinions. Here's my set-up:

1. Brake mounts. Coughlin/Hoskins brake mount. A step-up from the Larue, which was a step-up from the factory.
2. Diff. brakes. Installed them after I had an incident where the tail spring broke and I didn't have any directional control.
3. Stock tail wheel, a stronger spring is a must.
4. I think the bellcrank is unnecessary but independent cables are highly advised.  See #2 above.
5. Tailwheel steering springs. No have got.  Might be nice but I've never tried them.
6. Reflexor - Yes.
7.  Belly board.  Anything I can get to help slow it down!


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