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Bob Farnam <bfarnam@...>

Mike Perry wrote:

On 12-21 you wrote:
. . . We have installed the following mods on our airplanes:
a.. Reflexor mod
b.. Belly board mod
c.. La Rue Brake mod
d.. Toe brake mod
e.. Bellcrank mod
f.. Full swiveling tail wheel mod
Gentlemen, from our perspectives, when an airplane is built according to
plans, these mods are what is needed, nothing more, nothing less. Please
take this message as it is intended, we are not beating up on anyone, just
trying to get more Q's in the air. If it is your intention to respond to
this message in a negative way, don't waste your time.

Signed, Bob Farnam & Jim Patillo
1) I don't see much discussion on the list on the belly board. Are most
Q-pilots using one? If you have a larger Tail (and can slip more
aggressively) do you need it?
Do you need it? No! Is is nice to have? You bet! Cuts the landing float down
considerably if you are a little fast. It also permts a steeper approach down
final with better view over the nose.

2) Bell crank mod and full swivel tail wheel: Jim and Bob, I think you
would help a lot of us if you went out to the airport and measured the
angle of the rudder and tailwheel at full pedal deflection. Some of you
other guys with successful Q's could do the same. Then we will know what
to shoot for in setting up our own planes. I think this is esp. important
if you are doing the bell crank mod -- gives a wide range of possible
ratios, not all of them good!
My rudder turns +/- 28 degrees per plans with a positive stop on the rudder.
The tailwheel turns just enough when the rudder is fully deflected to reach the
cam release point on the full swiveling tailwheel. Jim and I are going to put
together plans and photos for the changes we made. Hope to get it done sometime
in January.

Bob F.

Thanks for the help. Your essay on the 21st and the replies have all been
helpful. -- Mike Perry

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