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As a reference point; a '60s style big American car required about 20
horsepower to maintain 60 mph on a level straightaway, no wind.

This is first hand information. I made the measurements myself.

As an side considering thermal efficiency: Assuming 115000 BTU per gallon of
gasoline, and 18 miles per gallon, you would produce 383,333 BTUs (404.4MJ /
112.3 Kilowatt hours) of energy in an hour of operation. this is equivalent
to 150 horsepower hours, which would suggest that the engine is running at
about 14% efficiency. Pretty close to what we expected in the '60s.

regards, -john-

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Chris (and Pat),

....... There's no assurance that the car would require full throttle
to maintain 70 mph, therefore any attempt to say that the engine is "used to
this (pulling 100hp)" in auto use is wrong. (Pulling a large boat on a
trailer is not considered "normal" for a Corvair.)......

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