Re: Forward Opening Canopy Plans


Thanks Dave,

BTW, a couple of summers ago I flew in Tom Moore's Q200 and Bob Malecheck's Q200. Tom has the fwd hinged canopy and Bob has the sliding canopy. I was going to go with the fwd hinged canopy till I rode in Bob's plane. On a summer day near Dallas Bob and I were able to taxi out with the canopy cracked and we had a nice cool blast of air on us all the way. It also removes easily for access to the back side of the instrument panel. I'm going with the sliding canopy.

Mike Brown

In a message dated Sun, 30 Dec 2001 5:53:16 PM Eastern Standard Time, david.cyr@... writes:

Mike Brown,

I received a copy of the plans from John Loram and also some excellent "before,
during and after" photos from Jon Finley, so I have what I need for the canopy.
I corresponded offline with several people on the subject, but should have
indicated "publicly" that I now have a copy of the plans.

One less that you have to do. I saw your to-do list a couple of days ago! I'll
bet you didn't know what you were getting into when your offered to be
"librarian"?!?!?! Its much appreciated...

Thanks Mike!

Dave Cyr

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