Q-1 - How much Hp is needed

Hot Wings

I'm planning on picking up my new project next weekend and would kind
of like to have it flying about the same time that my brother gets his Tri-Q
in the air. I have not yet decided on the "proper" power plant but I have
run across a 22 Hp V2 that, weighs a bit less than the Onan (minus radiator;
and fluid), has a nice flat torque curve that peaks in the right spot for
direct drive, is affordable, - but is only 22 Hp.
I will normally fly at high density altitudes and at high gross and
know that even the high horsepower versions of the Onan were not really up to
the job. What I would like is some feed back (or even speculation with logic
attached) from some current or former Q-1 pilots on just how much Hp is
Will also entertain alternate powerplant recommendations - excluding 2
stroke. There is nothing wrong with a 2 stroke in a Q-1, but it's just not
for me.

Think outside the box......Fly in the envelope

Leon McAtee
Q-2/turbo VW Rabbit GTI/G-60
Q-1//3 Cyl Diahatsu Diesel?????????????????????????????

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