Re: First Q2 Serial Number

Jim Patillo

My SN is #2468

N46JP Q200

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FYI, my Q200 kit was sn 2841.
Mike Dwyer Q200

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Hi Michael,


Like many kit manufacturers, the leading digit(s) represent the model. So the 2000’s indicate Q2, where the Q1’s had no leading digit (I think).  





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Found this little tidbit in Q-talk #17, anyone know of it's true?

Dear Jim,

Regarding serial number trivia, my recollection is that 2000-2009 were QAC factory reserved and 2010-2019 were reserved for the Canadian LeGare "factory" or vice versa. Mojave factory production units reportedly started at 2020 or so.

I am preparing again to complete my project. I finally got to talk to Gene Sheehan who was helpful and enthusiastic but has been heavily involved in a consulting job and hasn't been available at Mojave.

I also talked to Gordon Olsen at Cowley, Inc. (805) 824-2368 Mojave airport, who still has an oversized Q-2 canopy available.

Ben O'Brien, Redondo Beach, CA

Quicktalk 13 mentions Q1 serial numbers not going above 550.

In my case, that would mean I have the 807th Q2 kit QAC sold, not the almost 3-thousandth. That's still a big number but Jay's comment about sub kits getting S/N's is something I never thought about before. There may be a whole lot less fully complete kits out in the wild than I had originally thought?...
#2827 (still thinking about planning on visualizing how to finish building)

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