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Richard Thomson

    Wow Jay, makes me feel dizzy just looking at your flightpath.

    Its the best time of year to fly, great performance and great Vis.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Rich T.

On 26/02/2022 23:44, Jay Scheevel wrote:

Went up for a winter flight today and it was very enjoyable. When I took off, it was -3C and during the flight, climbed to over 9000 feet at -10C. It was smooth air and severe clear, so sight seeing was a pleasure with 100+ mile visibility. This is a nice time of year to fly, since my radiator doors are completely closed and everything is quite clean aerodynamically, and there is plenty of power and climb.


From a destination standpoint, it was a case of all dressed up (bundled up) and nowhere to go.  I am including a picture of my flight path, so you can get the idea. I was mostly flying in the vicinity of my home airport (10CO) between 8 and 9 thousand feet. I admit is looks like a ball of twine, but it was a chance to do some wingovers, chandelles, really steep turns and to get quality work on my feel for the speed dynamics and coordination of the plane and pilot. I like the fact that its accel-deceleration characteristics are very smooth and controls are well balanced in all phases. I recommend this highly to other Q-drivers. It is fun and at the end you feel like you have sharpened your skills.


As a final exercise I circled down from 8000’ with the throttle pulled to idle. I made my last turn onto downwind at pattern altitude and 100 mph indicated and did a squeaker landing close to the target point on the runway. I had not done this for a while, so that felt good and pushed the plane back over the snow into the hangar with a smile on my face.


Well, that’s all from the wild west… All you Q-builders need to become Q-flyers!



Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q2, N8WQ  204 hours

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