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Bruce Crain

Atta boy Kevie!!  Glad you could get er out and about!

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Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2022 18:57:14 -0600

Well. After all of my pissing and moaning for weeks now, I finally got my first flight of the year (in my Q) completed.
Nice day, compared to what we have been experiencing, light and variable winds, clear skies, 33°F on the ramp.
I had not flown my Q since early October. Followed by my condition inspection completed in November.

With that said I decided after run up, I would make a couple of fast taxi’s to see WOT and evaluate the power, smoothness of the engine, carb heat at WOT.
All was good. TO on 29 was smooth. Climb at 110MPH indicated yielded about 1000’ FPM climb.
Left the pattern, just flew around and enjoyed the recreation side of homebuilding!
1.4 hours later I was on the ground with a re-usable plane.

On base to final, a Piper Arrow decided that I needed some excitement, and said “Im going to get out of your way and depart.
I said “don’t” but then said I would go around. He said “you have plenty of room” as I was turning on final, and he was just getting a roll started. Went around in a right pattern, so I would not overfly him. Made a big circle and re-entered DW. Landing was acceptable.
No broken or missing parts.

The experience beats the hell out of whining about not flying!

As Jay said earlier, Get um dun. That too beats the hell out of building!

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B    571hrs
Luana, IA.

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