Re: Q-1 - How much Hp is needed

Dave King <KingDWS@...>

At 08:18 PM 12/31/01 -0500, you wrote:
I'm planning on picking up my new project next weekend and would kind
of like to have it flying about the same time that my brother gets his Tri-Q
in the air. I have not yet decided on the "proper" power plant but I have
run across a 22 Hp V2 that, weighs a bit less than the Onan (minus radiator;
and fluid), has a nice flat torque curve that peaks in the right spot for
direct drive, is affordable, - but is only 22 Hp.
You know I'm really rather picky on what engine I'll let you put on MY kit ;-]
Depending on what engine you have to start with you can get an easy 35
hp out of them. The Kohler has a 100 extra cc's displacement but the Brigg's
and Honda's have a lot of after market parts. All of them are involved in racing
and will put out 70+ hp in race trim. Just your regular everyday lawn mower engine
burning nitro.....

I think there are two people onlist getting ready to fly behind the Kohlers, The Brigg's
has flown in several guises and there is a German conversion rated at 38hp. The Honda
was out as the "David engine" by Sky West. I think those turned out to be more hype
than horsepower 45-60hp from a 630cc. engine.


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