Re: Quickie insurance


I was lucky in that my TW CFII worked for a company that has insurance to cover any plane he flies. By the time we ferried my Q home it gave him the 10 hours required by my insurance to instruct/transition me. I was willing to pay the price to “create” that CFII and have since let him fly the plane so that he has over 30 hours experience.

Since then, I “created” another CFII by paying to get him over the 10 hour minimum.

One of them is also a A&P and does my conditional inspections.

Like I said. I was lucky. Of course it cost me $$ to make all that work.


On Mar 10, 2022, at 7:30 PM, Troy Zawlacki <troyzc3@...> wrote:

Does anyone have recommendations on insurance options for the Q aircraft? The responses I am getting dont look promising and require things like 20 hrs of dual from a CFI who has 10 hrs in a Q (basically impossible). Is everyone just flying without hull insurance for the first 100 hrs? Or do we just realize that hull insurance isn’t worth it for a plane with an upper end value of 30k? Ive never owned before so this is all new to me.



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