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Frankenbird Vern

Ya.. I know..we have a similar deal here in Oklahoma at the Municipals. A bit like "buying" a property in the State of Hawaii. 99 year lease for the dirt under and the hangar is added on by your own dollar. is just the way it works; unless the coin in the bank account is large enough to buy the acres for a Private field out in the sticks.  I live out in the Sticks of Oklahoma, and it was not because I was forced to.. 
 BTW.. I am soon on another gig at the Lazy B.  This time I'm assigned into the black hole stuff. Tinker AFB.  :-/   They are saying at least a 2 year Contract, and expect 3. I sure hate those briefings but I'm terminally greedy. 

 The premium on an Experimental is obscene. Not like a Certificated is any safer.. as we all know any of these machines will kill you given the chance.   


I did not buy the airport! It is a municipal airport. I did buy into a hangar group.

The only insurance co that would insure my Dragonfly is Avemco even with 500 hrs in type. Liability is as much as liability and hull combined on the Tri-Pacer.

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Easy solution.. do as Charlie Johnson did for his Dragonfly and BUY the airport.. or a piece of it.  Then tell the municipals to jump off a cliff!

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This is good to know and it seems like im getting consistent info from the insurance agent at least. 

I’m getting into exactly the catch 22 I predicted. I’m trying to figure out a place to put the plane for final inspection and phase 1 fly off, and the airports require liability insurance for a tie down or hangar. Then the insurance won’t insure me until after xx amount of hours in the plane… Exactly the conundrum I expected after researching the topic. Something doesn’t add up here.


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Haha…every once in a while we do joke a little about his special they are.  


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