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Frankenbird Vern

Now that is tragic Mike!! WHAT? I see.. so the Cessna 150 at my first airport location, that the pilot died in because he WAS STUPID and continued performing a go around even though the engine was cutting on and off at the midpoint, my 150 has to leave? ALL Cessnas maybe?  Same logic. 
But I will remember that one. Good point!

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Best not to tell the airport manager that your test flying.  I was near finishing my 40 hours when another experimental crashed.  I was asked to leave.  I just let the hour meter run to 40 hours "taxiing around" and got my faa signoff.  Problem solved.
Mike Dwyer Q200

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Easy solution.. do as Charlie Johnson did for his Dragonfly and BUY the airport.. or a piece of it.  Then tell the municipals to jump off a cliff!

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This is good to know and it seems like im getting consistent info from the insurance agent at least. 

I’m getting into exactly the catch 22 I predicted. I’m trying to figure out a place to put the plane for final inspection and phase 1 fly off, and the airports require liability insurance for a tie down or hangar. Then the insurance won’t insure me until after xx amount of hours in the plane… Exactly the conundrum I expected after researching the topic. Something doesn’t add up here.


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Haha…every once in a while we do joke a little about his special they are.  


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