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Sam Hoskins

The person who holds a repairman certificate for particular aircraft, holds that certificate for life unless they turn it back in. 

As long as there's no major changes to that aircraft, that repairman can sign off the annual condition inspection. Major changes would be, a different engine, converting from a tail dragger to a Tri Gear, things like that. I checked with my local physio when I went to all electronic ignition and they considered that a major change. They issued a new set of operating limitations for the aircraft. This will vary from district to district, depending on their whims.

By the way, I have an extensive inspection checklist listed in the files section of the Q-list. It's specifically for a tail dragger with a stock 0-200, but feel free to adapt it for whatever setup you have.


On Sun, Mar 13, 2022, 4:57 AM Fredd Baber <freddb43@...> wrote:
Good morning,

Trying to be well informed before I buy…

Can the person who built the aircraft I’m buying (and holds the repairman certificate) continue to perform the conditional inspections even after I buy it or will I have to go to another licensed A&P?  In other words, is the owner of the repairman’s certificate only allowed to inspect an aircraft that they still own? 
Since the aircraft had an airworthiness certificate before it was disassembled and stored, will it need to go through another inspection and sign off once it’s rebuilt, including another 40 hours of “local” flight time before I can perform cross country flights?  Or is only required to have a sign off by the holder of the repairman’s certificate? 
Who can. I get a checkout I’m it from in the New England area?  I saw on another thread about two instructors but I thought they were more out west. 

Thanks all!!

Fredd Baber

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