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 All provided to you is correct information, Fredd.  You do need to have a chat with your local EMDO office person only if you intend to make changes that WILL affect your W&B or Operation Limitations. FAA District offices vary in opinion as to Phase 1 requirements. 
 Presuming you are retaining the same powerplant design (example: O-200 Continental), same propeller you would not have any further Phase 1 requirements. If you change from a VW based Q2 to an O-200  you will.  Some grey areas are still there but just keep the major components as theyare and you should be ok to go. 

 As for Mechanic certification.. here is an option now you might consider. Rainbow Aviation in Missouri offers LSA Inspection Authorization courses. YOU DO NOT have to own or operate an LSA aircraft to earn the rating.  If possible for you, this will permit you to perform Conditional Inspections on LSA aircraft (such as Aircoupe, and several other of the same type) to earn your "time as a performing mechanic" leading up to your writtens and practical on all three sections of the A&P rating.  This is a much faster track to an A&P Certification than when I did it, and a LOT less expensive.  It can also allow you to earn income to keep your own aviation activities because there is a large requirement for certificated LSA mechanics. 

 It is an option if you are so inclined, but one that the FAA has opened up to US citizens. It is well worth the time and cost to be trained in Missouri by Rainbow Aviation. Personally for me it was a great refresher, especially in Rotax engine work, which make up the bulk of the LSA powerplants.   


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Good morning,

Trying to be well informed before I buy…

Can the person who built the aircraft I’m buying (and holds the repairman certificate) continue to perform the conditional inspections even after I buy it or will I have to go to another licensed A&P?  In other words, is the owner of the repairman’s certificate only allowed to inspect an aircraft that they still own? 
Since the aircraft had an airworthiness certificate before it was disassembled and stored, will it need to go through another inspection and sign off once it’s rebuilt, including another 40 hours of “local” flight time before I can perform cross country flights?  Or is only required to have a sign off by the holder of the repairman’s certificate? 
Who can. I get a checkout I’m it from in the New England area?  I saw on another thread about two instructors but I thought they were more out west. 

Thanks all!!

Fredd Baber

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