Re: TriQ 200 Flight. Look for the �Quickie Smile�! I flew tod ay just to �keep er lubed�!

Bruce Crain

I guess I look like Jerry with the "peach fuzz"!  And hey that's a big blessing!  We should do practical "twins pranks" when we get to "Field Of Dreams" this year!  We should wear the same outfits and I will find my old platform shoes from the 70's 'cause Jerry is a little bit taller than me!
So to answer the question "what's that between the headrests"?  That is a canopy catch with a hole to prop it open when I taxi.  It gets pretty hot here in Oklahoma in the summer.  The catch part is for when I try to take off without the canopy latched.  It will only let the canopy open a bit.
Bruski Crainski  (Jerry's mini me)

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Hey Jerry
What's that between your head rests?


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What's with the peach fuzz?

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