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You could use two cables and six pulleys I think. Take one cable and run
forward from one side's slide beyond most forward postion , turn 90 degrees
over to the other side, turn aft and back to beyond rearmost position, and
then turn 180 degrees back and connect to aft side of other slide. Do the
same thing from the opposite side. Get the picture? They do the same thing
on automotive lifts, called load equalization cables. Bill Archer

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J'ever notice that Malechek is a little fussy about his sliding canopy, Mr
? If someone is not careful and he gets a little racking, the sliders can
come off track. To stop the racking one has to somehow connect both sides so
they both move simultaneously and equally. I have seen a system of cables
pulleys on a Dragonfly that prevents an unequal distribution of force but I
ain't got it figured out yet.

The 4 arm canopy that patillo has gets you the air blast but does not lay
down close enough to the front deck when open. This may discourage one from
having it open during taxi. I dunno. It probably racks a little but may be
more stable than the sliders.


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