Re: sliding BROWNer

Jim Patillo <patillo@...>

I wanted something very simple that I could install quick release locking
pins in. My canopy can be removed in about 10 seconds.

Materials required: (4) 1" x 12 x 1/4" pieces of flat bar aluminum, four
locking pins and nuts and bolts, very simple. Bottom end of arms attaches
fuselage and top of arms to canopy forming a parallel a gram. There is about
4" between fuselage and canopy when open, providing the "right" amount of
air when taxiing on a hot summer day. Vision is not compromised. "Racking"
is minimal when opening or closing canopy.

I tried both the side hinge and forward hinge before settling on this

If anyone is interested in this setup, contact me off line.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

The 4 arm canopy that patillo has gets you the air blast but does not lay
down close enough to the front deck when open. This may discourage one
having it open during taxi. I dunno. It probably racks a little but may be
more stable than the sliders.


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