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Kevin n Jay,
Mattoon would be a top choice on anyones list.  If I remember right they wanted $ to lease the hangar for the weekend.  Don’t quote me but that may have been what killed it.  But that was a long time ago and u know how memories get as we get older.  I know Steve Laribee follows this list.  I’ll touch base with him, who knows things may be different now.

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How about Mattoon?
That seemed like a good spot.
I know you had to travel a bit to get there and back, so maybe that is not appealing.?

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Hello everyone, 
I've been talking to Jerry about the possibility of hosting in Terre Haute, IN.  Jerry has flown to HUF and is familiar with the facility there.  I also know Sam and Terry have been there too. 
There are a few logistics to work through but wondering from y'all what the interest would be in a Midwest venue. 
Take a look at KHUF and let me know your thoughts. 
If generally positive I'll look into it and get back. 
Thanks, Keith

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I was recently reminded that there is not a Spring Fling planned for this Spring.  Kevin has been gracious enough to pick up the ball for FOD and therefore won’t be hosting Spring Fling this year.


It would be a terrible thing not to have a Spring Fling; it's a long-time tradition that I believe began with Kevin Boddiker 10 years or so ago.  Nancy and I, in the past,  have investigated the possibility of having either SF or FOD in or near Asheville, NC.  Each time we find that the local environment (Western NC, Northern SC and Eastern TN) does not fit the bill.  The bigger airports are towered and some have commercial airlines ( Asheville – 7, plus landing fees for non-locals) which greatly limits spontaneous fights. 


The smaller non-towered airports that would be appropriate are in the boondocks; several miles from motels, restaurants and transportation.  Plus they don’t have hangars for our Q’s or anyplace to gather.



From what Kevin tells me, there isn’t much to do as far as preparation – give him a call.

I would really like to see you folks this spring.  Jerry Marstall


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