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We are on the same page that time of year however, being no longer in production ag anymore I'm on the retail side now which means I start with the first and end with the last.  Ever hear of Pioneer Hi-bred?  I've had my own seed agency for going on 6 years now.  My only issue could be if a customer wants to plant their plot at that time.  That's one reason I'm leaning toward the weekend after Memorial Day barring any replants.  Pretty busy with deliveries now. 
I can't make any commitments at this time before I determine the venue and clear any logistical issues.  In the past several years HUF has been very open to getting the TH community interested in coming out to the airport.  And we can be a part of that effort.  The airport has sponsored a Fly-in / Cruise-in and guess which airplane wins the peoples choice every time? I feel very confident Terre Haute will be good to go but want to clear Mattoon first.  One way or the other I'm confident we will have a Spring Fling.  
And I appreciate the positive feed back.
And to Mike.  Wife and I were near you most of Feb and wanted to get in touch.  That's a beautiful part of the world you fly out of.  I hope we see you back in the air again soon. 
Thank god your all right. 

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KBBW is not a bad airport for something like this because it’s Hicksville USA and no airspace worries. Heck, a lot of times pilots don’t even have their radios turned on! Just got to leave a little space for them spray planes once in a while. Most of the amenities would be available, but indoor hanger space might be a problem. I only have 2 T-hangers left but we might be able to get 6 Q’s squeezed in with minimal head scratching.


We could do Beatrice again (KBIE), but I don’t have many connections at that airport anymore and might be harder to coordinate.


I kind of like where Keith is going with the conversation but have been to the Mattoon fly in my younger years and it’s great too. Unfortunately for me, that time of year is extremely busy getting crops in the ground.





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So my not-so-gentle nudging seems to have been received by Bruce. I would gladly host, but hey, even our valleys are above 4000’  😊  Would love to see other places too. Maybe Lynn French is vulnerable to nudging? 





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Honey Lamb and I expressed an interest in hosting "Spring Fling" (she thinks you guys are "Special") so we could do that.  But would you guys n gals like to see other places perhaps?  Sleep on it and let me know.  Anyone else would like to host it would be most welcome.  But no not in the mountains if they are above 4000'.

Bruce N Honey Lamb


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I think Bob Knuckles  politely calls them gray beards!!


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Hi Bruce,


I really like the new look 😉  Seems to be catching on. Let's rename that the Quickie-grinning-whiskers. Kind of like the RV-grin only more distinguished. 





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