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Mike Dwyer <mdwyer@...>

The parallelogram canopy is pretty simple, so I like it, ... but compaired
to the side hinge type it looks like it would be a little harder to get in
and out of the plane. I can eject my side hinge canopy in about a second
(just open it, it will be ripped off right fast!) Taxi cooling of the pilot
on the ground with the side mount is good with the canopy in the safety
latch position (see plans).

Mike Q-200

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I wanted something very simple that I could install quick release locking
pins in. My canopy can be removed in about 10 seconds.

Emergency egress is important to me. I figure you could blow a forward hinge
canopy in about 5 seconds or less. I think 10 for the parallelogram is quite
good... and you have the advantage of summer airflow.


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