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Jerry Marstall

YES!!!  Thanks Keith.  This is going to be fun.  I'm trying to recruit a Sundowner also.
Jerry Marstall 

On Tue, Mar 22, 2022, 6:01 PM Keith Welsh <kw544@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,
It is now official, we have scheduled for the weekend of 3-5 June our annual Quickie / Dragonfly Spring Fling to be held at the Terre Haute Regional Airport (KHUF) Terre Haute, IN.
There will be hangar space a plenty for the group and ample space for socializing.  The airport is making available to our group it's conference room complete with hospitality and audio visual equipment for any presentations.  One of which I can think of that you all may enjoy, if you can talk that person into presenting their powerpoint, on what it's like to fly a Quickie in an Oshkosh Airshow. 
About KHUF:  We are a Class D facility with radar which means we operate much like a Class C airport without the ADSB requirement.  You can use flight following all the way to the runway at HUF, which is nice.  Non transponder aircraft are welcome.  When calling Approach announce "Negative Radar Service", they will probably ask for a ID turn for making radar contact and your in.  Procedures are very simple and local flights for rides easy to do inside Class D airspace due to the limited normal traffic load and a very good tower to work with.  They authorize fam rides or city tours all the time.  Working with ground control anyone wishing to do photos of flying Q's near the runway can be done as well.  A portable radio will be on hand for that purpose.
I'm sure many of you fly into Class D's all the time but one with radar may be a little off your radar, for example...I begin listening to ATIS about 20-30 miles out on 127.5.  It will instruct you to call "Approach" on 125.45 at least 15 miles out, you will tell them Who you are, Where you are and What you want to do.  For example..."Hulman Approach N9MR, 15 East at 2500, landing Hulman".  They will give you a squawk code, bring you toward the airport, and ask you to contact "Tower" at 134.725 or if you are already using flight following you will have been handed off by then anyway.  
Once on land the "Ground Control", 121.6, will have been made aware of the funny looking airplanes and know where to taxi you which will be on the far East side of the ramp if you want to look at a satellite view of the airport.  If they wanna be idiots just ask for the East Ramp. 
So if you can, weather permitting of course, let me know if you plan to attend.  Doing so will help us to plan ahead.
We in the Hoosier State will be glad to see you.
And Welcome to Indiana.
Keith and Vicki Welsh

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