Re: first flight

Richard Thomson

Well done Chris, good philosophy and good video.

    Rich T

On 23/03/2022 18:13, Chris Walterson wrote:
 I managed to get my friend to edit a video of my first flight in the Q 200 Subaru. All the ground shots are from the second flight. I didn't want my wife there, so she filmed the second flight . The in flight shots are from the first flight.

 I hit the reflexor on takeoff to get a better angle. I am a big athiest, but  have always done the sign of the cross since my first flight thirty years ago, so I don't mess with luck. Interestingly, I took a Catholic priest for a ride last year and you should of see his face when I did that.

I stayed between 150 and 160 indicated , stayed low rpm, 3,000 and flew for an hr. Around the seven minute mark I do some slow flight /stall.


It also flew hands off with no trimming needed.      Still have four feet of snow , so another two months before the adventure begins.

Background music by my favorite--- Warp Drive Subaru                  Youtube[ Q200 test flight] Enjoy------------  Chris

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