Re: Bruce N Honey Lamb Flight

Bruce Crain

I had a good 3 point landing on the grass (I like slower on grass with a short runway 2200’)
Then I landed crosswind wheel landing and had to ask Honey Lamb if we were down yet!
SCORE for the “old but not bold pilot”!

On Mar 25, 2022, at 3:28 PM, Frankenbird Vern <smeshno1@...> wrote:

 Grass is legal in Oklahoma now..  Ggggg. 

 Hope you had good vittles, looks like fun too. 


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Surprised Honey Lamb with a flight to Pond Creek and dinner at “Greasy Steve’s”!  One of the most under rated eating establishments in a couple hundred miles!  Found some old friends And had a ball!  Only the 2nd time Joanne has landed on grass with me!  Exciting times!

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