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Martin Skiby

Jay is right.  All the electrons may run backwards now.  Keep an eye out!!



On Apr 8, 2022, at 1:52 PM, Jay Scheevel <jay@...> wrote:

Thanks Corbin. Nice to see your progress. You know when you mount the power unit upside down on the wing, you get an inverter.  😉  (a little electrical humor, sorry).


I have the bulk of my avionics mounted on the bottom of the wing also. You have an interesting shoulder harness anchor. I wish I had thought of that. You also have the roll servo mounted where I mounted mine. Anxious to hear when you get everything up and running.





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Good afternoon all,

It is a quiet and lazy day so I thought I would give a small update while I am out here at the hangar.  As a reminder, I am doing a new panel with a Garmin G3X, remote comm radio, 2 axis autopilot, full engine monitoring, a Vertical Power system for electronic circuit breakers, and a backup battery.  Oh, and push-button start and rocker switches.

We have all the new wiring run (and harnesses built) to where they need to be.  We have seven of the ten units/boxes mounted.  Hopefully, the remaining three will get mounted by Tuesday of next week and all the wiring tucked away.  With some luck, the new panel will be cut by next weekend and we can start that installation.

A few pics below just cause I have them handy.  I am hopeful everything can be completed by the end of April (of what year, not sure).



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