Re: Reflexor control

Terrence ONeill <troneill@...>

Sam, I remember your hand brakes, when I visited your plane last year; and mine are the same.
But I really want to change them to have  my brakes on the rudder pedals.

Does anypne on the list have converted fromhand to them them on th3 rudders?
How do you access the rudder pedals?


On Apr 11, 2022, at 6:29 AM, Sam Hoskins <sam.hoskins@...> wrote:

Nick, I use the ratchet type cable.  You can see it here, just aft of the control stick.  I normally only adjust it three times during flight; before takeoff, cruise, and in the landing pattern. BTW, this photo is at least 15 years old, the instrument panel is now completely different.


On Sun, Apr 10, 2022 at 1:58 PM Nick Wright <nwright27@...> wrote:
Hi guys. What is the best option for reflexor control? I've thought about using a friction lever in the location where the hand brake once was, but I've also seen some using a push-pull throttle vernier control also. Is one beeter than the other or just preference?

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