Re: Report of a Q-200 crash today

Mike Dwyer

Yes Tim, I wouldn't run with that starter now that I know what I know.  Both AeroTech and Niagra airparts have had many issues with the sprague clutch and no longer make them because so many have broken.  They still have inventory to sell but they both said they won't make anymore.  Both the key start and pull start clutches break.  Why there wasn't an AD on these is beyond me.
73, Fly Safe,
Mike Dwyer

Q200 Website:

On Tue, Apr 12, 2022 at 5:43 AM Tim <timmrlw@...> wrote:
Thanks for the update Mike.
I have a TCM starter (654046), key/solenoid start, would that be what you refer to as a ‘Cessna’ starter? I guess I need to do some research on the different starters and the internals.

Thanks, Tim

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