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Frankenbird Vern

 Todd went west. The KR2 does look the same, that might be a good option.  Goof Off has Acetone in it as the main chemical, so it is 
going to be a non starter.  We used to use Aliphatic Naphtha on some Interiors cleaning jobs at Cessna, Beech, and Falcon. It was not the 
most effective but it also didn't attack chemically. It is a bit of an oily feel. My canopy is not tinted..since the previous kit builder progresses to the point of bonding it into the shell I can see the edge.  I need my hangar done so I have a place to start digging into these chores!!    

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My Dragonfly canopy sat for over 20 years. I finally got enough off that I was able to see that it was crazed in some places, so I gave up. Yes I tried Goof off as well. No es bueno. The only thing that really worked was the heat gun, and that was going to create internal stresses that could cause a catastrophic failure in flight.

I found the company in Northern Calif still had the Dragonfly mold. My original canoy was also tinted which makes night flying a little more difficult.

The Dragonfly canoy is also the KR2 canopy as I recall.

I don't know if the Q2 canopy was blown or molded.

Todd's Canopies made blown canopy's but his facebook page says he was fatally injured in a plane crash back in 2016. I don't know if they are still in business.


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 What has the group experience been in this case using "Goof Off"?  Frankenbird has spraylat on the original Q2
kit canopy also. 


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no ammonia!!!!

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For the laminate on car windows ammonia works

Sonia (1953-2020) & Rick

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  I am working on another project and am trying to remove the protective
coating on the windows. The spray on protective coating seems to be very
thin. If I heat enough to soften the bottom, the covering is too soft
and rips. Tried WD40, hair blower and even put it in the bath tub with
warm water.  With a wood stir stick it took about three hrs to half do
one side.

  I think I will try denatured alcohol next and if that doesn't work I
will try straight alcohol       in me.

Any suggestions??  Thanks  Chris

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