Re: Q2 turbo restoration

Rick Hole

I wonder how long it has set outdoors in the sun exposed? Especially the firewall. Get someone who knows fiberglass to take a look at it. While I was with Velocity we had such a Q left with us. We ended up taking it to the dump. The resin damage was too far gone to save. That is no prediction as to this one, but do be cautious.

Rick Hole

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I am soon to be the owner of an abandoned Q2 Turbo s/n 2789. Shes in sad shape but hope the bones are ok. Looking at her, i would suspect bad ground handling, as the rudder has been modified. Im doing my research, trying to hunt down previous owner.
Im an a&p ia so have the skills, my plans if its a good shell....o200 or corvair power, 6 pack mods to start.
Can anyone tell me anything from the pic? Specifically what canard? Also any areas to inspect with extra diligence?

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