Re: Modern Engines on Q2?

Frankenbird Vern

 William Wynne can verify there are several Corvair conversions well over 1200 hours in several designs. An entire overhauled engine costs less than the 
rocker arms for a C-85/O-200.

 The engines have been flying since 1960.  Granted..low and slow back then but not so now..  Complete running valid cores average about $400. 

 Don't need to take my word for it..take a trip for yourself to Green Springs Florida and check it out.      

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The 2000 hr. TBO thing seems like a red hearing (non sequitur) to me.

How many experimentals get to 2000 hrs?

The key seems to be knowing when to rebuild/replace and how much cost to rebuild.
A 500 hr. TBO engine that costs $2-3k to rebuild seems like it would cover 90% of the market.
Obviously it needs to actually get to 500 hrs, 95% of the time.

Q2 N86KL

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