Re: Modern Engines on Q2?

Rick Hole

In my years at Velocity I worked with many builders and observed many more.  Those who chose auto engines took at least three extra years in the installation and debugging.  When they were ¨plowing new ground there was nobody they could call for help.  Certainly not the manufacturer.  They will claim liability issues and give no help.  The more computer dependent the engine was the more difficult to get it running.  Cooling was always a huge problem.  In an auto a big radiator and several gallons of coolant is no big deal.  On an airplane it is an issue.

One builder prided himself on his own design ignition system.  I worked so well on the ground.  On first flight it killed him.

One friend has been twenty years on his diesel project just on the engine.

If a builder has a passion for engine work, the time to pursue it, and is willing to his himself and family, the choice is his.  I would not go that route myself.

I will say I have seen a few installations with several hundred hours on them.  And more that have been converted back to conventional aircraft engines.


Rick Hole

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