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Apples and oranges. 2000 hr TBO refers to the bottom end. Cylinders are routinely replaced many times before an “overhaul”

Lots of engine failures are the result of maintenance induced failures (MIF) both certified and auto conversions. Most auto conversion failures are the systems supporting the engine; fuel, ecu, reduction drives etc.

Duty cycle has a lot to do with it to the VW heads were designed to dissipate 28 hp with a safety factor of 2 so 56 hp of heat dissipation is the ultimate limit. VW converters were selling 60+hp conversions with the 5 minute WOT climb limit. No wonder they only lasted 500 hrs.

My shared Cessna has over 2400 hours on it since overhaul but has had countless cylinders changed that do not count. Log book entry everything is fine.

My Lycoming failed because several A&P IA’s overlooked changing oil lines for 30 years MIF. But it had several cylinder changes over the years also.

My Corvair had 75 hrs on it before vapor locking the Ellison TBI during a 5000 ft climb. Not the engines fault but mine for the FWF design. I made a design mistake.

Everything I have ever flown has tried to kill me, and most people get killed behind certified engines. 

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Show me any auto engine conversion that made it to 2000 hours. 

Auto engines don’t fly. Everyone i’ve known or heard of that’s tried went down one of three paths:  

1) Eventually went back to a Continental or Lycoming and flew happily ever after, 

2) It became a hangar queen. 

3) It killed them. 


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No. No. No. Revmaster is a very well engineered adaptation from few Volkswagen components with aviation born crankcase, forged crankshaft design. Sharing cylinder and pistons, con rods, Revmaster is very well thought out adaptation. Weaknesses in early magnesium crank cases have been mitigated with an alloy crank case with a 7 pound penalty. Notwithstanding, the current state of the art is likely the best offering of all other aero engines based upon Volkswagen components. 

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We are putting an aeromomentum am15 ok our TriQ. 

On Sun, Apr 17, 2022 at 13:53, Robert Cringely
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Revmaster is a car conversion, no?

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Curious what modern engines people have put on their Q2s for upgrades? What else beside an O-200?
How about a Rotax 912ULS?
How about a UL260?
Which car conversion engines have been popular with the Quickie community?

Yes I know this is a controversial topic with the hard core aviator but please humor me and share what people have used, not your thoughts on how good or bad a car conversion is ;-)

Thanks Robert
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