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Terrence ONeill

Dear RZ,

Take a little care about your complaint … as your first premise is assuming something that is false. Facts do not prove auto engjnes (themselves) are dangerous.
Auto engines are just fine, if used within their design limitations. As Clint Eastwood said in analogous-icity: "A man (engine) has got to know his (Its) limitations. It is the unqualified user that is dangerous.

No disingenuity there… and the ‘exceptions’ are praiseworthy, in showing us how we might enhance an auto engine’s lmitations.


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You guys keep pointing out one success here, one success there. Once again, exceptions don’t change the rule. I agree It IS a personal preference just like smoking cigarettes is personal preference. Some people have smoked all their life and lived to be a 100, thise are the exceptions BUT, the facts prove smoking kills people. If that’s your preference fine but it’s disingenuous to proclaim auto engines are a good choice when the facts prove otherwise.


On Apr 19, 2022, at 10:28, Jay Scheevel <jay@...> wrote:

Hi Richard,

Not to weigh in on the automotive vs. aircraft engine issue, but the main concern you should have will be the installation of any engine you choose.

If a particular engine has been installed before on the Q2, and hopefully numerous times, there should be some detailed firewall forward plans. If you cannot lay your hands on plans, you are basically on your own.

I have a Jabiru in my Tri-Q2, but I was jump started on my installation by using the same engine mount made by the same guy that made Paul Spackman's (from Paul's original design), so at least I had that to get me going. I had to manually engineer everything else, including water cooled installation, wiring, controls, cowl mods, etc. This takes time and to a certain extent some additional skills.

The original QAC plans exist and are easy to follow for the Revmaster, and the O-200. These are very detailed, right down to the baffling templates. Many people have installed them and are accessible and willing to help advise you. I would not go too far away from those engines, if you are wanting to get the project back in the air relatively soon.


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Robert--------- John Finley had a 2.2 Subaru in his Q2. I have a 2.5 Subaru Direct drive turbocharged in my Q200. A few fellows have the 912.

I have a Dragonfly with the 1.8 Subaru turbocharged. 600 hrs on the engine. Cost about $3000 to build twenty years ago.

I have about $6,000 into the Q200 engine.. I'm not cheap, but frugal. They are all personal preferences.

Keeping the "mental" in experimental-------------- Chris

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