Re: Update on Avionics Progress

Richard Thomson

Hi Corbin,

   Mike is quite right to speak his mind on this, there have been some really nasty guillotine accidents caused by panels in high G crashes in past history.( I don't know if any Q's have) Mainly due to heavy instruments, but not all.

  Are you assuming that you will be sat flat in your seat in a crash ? In an accident where you cartwheel or it flips over on landing at high speed, your body and legs will be flung around, and a little piece of rubber edging will probably not stop that shearing effect.

  Try a Stanley knife and cut through the slot in your edging strip, that will give you an idea of the amount of force required for the panel to slice through it.

   Part of good aircraft design is trying to protect the crew from harm during all aspects of flight especially crashworthiness.

     Rich T.


On 21/04/2022 19:16, Corbin via wrote:

Great point Mike.  This is definitely a strong metal that would not break apart.  It will have a rounded edge of soft rubber-like material like many glare shields (good for minor impacts) but still a good point about a solid panel causing harm versus one that can break apart.  Good insight based on experience.


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