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David J. Gall

What do you need help with, Bill? 

First you want us to go to another group and immerse ourselves in their imbroglio and now you want to slap down someone you think is somehow lesser than you? You might want to check your outrage at the door; as I alluded to earlier, we’ve been discussing Quickies here for forty years. 

We don’t do insurgencies on other people’s discussion websites and we don’t do disrespectful innuendo. If you have something to say to or about a person, say it. If you can’t say it directly then it didn’t need to be said — drop it. 

If you need a bunch of flight hours or certifications attached to a person’s name before you’ll grant them due qualification to weigh in here then you have the wrong outlook for this group. We don’t do appeals to authority. Some of the most noteworthy contributions here have come from some of the most “unqualified” people, by that measure, and some of the most useless crap has come from some really, really “high time” people (a particular 747 captain in the 1990s comes to mind).

Say what you need help with on your Quickie project, Bill, and we’re here to help you with it.

David J. Gall
Comm/Inst ASMEL
Comm Glider
Tailwheel endorsement
EAA Ultralight Instructor
UAS Pilot
ATCS (retired)

On Apr 21, 2022, at 7:05 PM, Bill Higdon via <willard561@...> wrote:

I'm hoping one of our High time pilots will step in & slap this puppy down

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