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Very beautiful video Jay, can't wait to show it to others.
On another note, I took my biennial the other day, I'm legal again...yippee! and was asked to do a maneuver quite foreign to me....a Dutch Roll.
Never had that asked before in all the biennials I've done over the years.  After having it demonstrated I found it very interesting and was absolutely no good at it. 
Will practice.  What intrigued me most was the coordination education of doing Dutch rolls.  What a learning tool.  I'm sure most of you professional pilots like
perhaps Patillo are very familiar with em but was new to me.  Is that a maneuver most of you have done?
Not wanting to brag on my CFI but he deserves mentioning.  He is a 20 year old who recently got certified right seat on Doc....yep the B-29 Doc. 
He is starting a job later this week in Wichita flying Beech jets and after acquiring 1500 hrs of jet time will move on to a career flying fire tankers most notably the DC10.
Something he told me he's wanted to do since he was 6 years old.  Great kid, humble and very talented.  Glad I got to fly once with him.
And lastly...we are 8 days away, May 3rd, from the deadline to be guaranteed a room for Spring Fling 22.
A big Thank You to those who already have.  Looking forward to a good wx weekend and seeing all of you.

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Took a nice flight this morning. Nothing in particular was my objective, but we have had showers here the last couple days, so the air was very clear, and it was cool and smooth this morning. The scenery was fine and the landing was good. Here is a short video of the some of the scenery west of my home airport.



Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q2 N8WQ 210 hours

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