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You seem to have taken a bit of savaging on this one, and I must admit that
that was not my intention. In my defence I must admit that I have been
subject to heavy smoke inhalation for the past 13 days. Living close to
the university, surrounded by bush, I suspect that several hectares of hash
may have inadvertently fuelled the fires of discontent and affected my
transmissions adversely...

As you have done with a regularity that is belying your professed
engineering innocence, the southern ( some would say, earthy) voice of
reason seems to have brought us back onto track yet again. I must confess,
Jim that even with my newly acquired joined up writing skills, I am hard
pressed to fill up a whole board with HP/MAUW = (magic number).-but I will
give it a go, and report back!

I do agree with you that rules of thumb are wonderful things but they may
simply be the synthesis of lots of hard work and detailed analysis - or
they may be flashes of brilliant insight, either way, they are usually the
diamonds in the mud that you alluded to earlier.

I do apologise for focusing on your elemental functions, but it did occur
to me that the gastro-intestinal reflex seems to be particularly vigorously
stimulated when pilots are not sufficiently attentive to issues of weight
and its distribution. I have not done the experiment but I suspect that
the resulting elimination of mass has little effect unless its arm ( or
perhaps leg?) is changed significantly. I shall try wearing my zoom bag
backwards (sans bicycle clips) to see if this helps the redistribution

Please do not feel bad about not appreciating me. You are in very good
company - for example, I have not had a single letter of appreciation from
the Pope, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, or Al.

Finally, I am most grateful that you do think, Jim. I value your inputs
and your thoughts highly - but you will never catch me admitting it



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Jim-john mod. I like it!

Except on a very few subjects endless palaver is of very little interest to
me. But that's just my predilection. It is easy to see from the length of
some threads that it is of great interest and stimulation to my
I am just as happy as a pig in mud to see that there is something for
everyone on this site. Nevertheless I am very resistant to the pull of this
vortex, albeit very interested in the results at the end of a boardful of
equations. Call me a pragmatist (maybe a weighty one, although I have still
to gain 10 pounds to be up to my proper weight for my girth).

Over 10+ years of publishing Quicktalk/QTALK I have observed it is well
impossible to scientifically quantify much about these custom built
The subject is rife with variables known, guessed at or unknown and,
therefore, rife with errors of analysis. My opinion is that the best that
be attained are general rules of thumb. But thats just my opinion and as
wise sage put it: opinions are like assholes... everyone has one. And that
brings us full circle to the start of this email.

You do good work, John (and you go about it with humor). I just don't have
in my genetic makeup to appreciate you properly. That's neither good nor
I think.


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