Re: Fuel Probe for Main Tank

Richard Thomson

    Its 11 00 in the morning here sunrise has well departed. :-)

    Thats a good quality sender, provided you make sure the casing is bonded electrically  its a simple two wire ohmic output.

    Is there not a part number on the casing or top ?

    You could try a safety ohmmeter across the leads and see what resistance there is. It might give you a clue.

    It is probably easier to check with it on the bench.

    I'm using a capacitive version, so no moving parts. 

    Connections and Fuel calibration should be in your install manual.

    Rich T

On 06/05/2022 10:06, Corbin via wrote:

Thanks…departing just after sunrise to make sure I can see every hill.  

I believe it is very similar to this one:


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