Re: Fuel Probe for Main Tank

Martin Skiby


From: "Richard Thomson"
Sent: Friday May 6 2022 1:45:30AM
Subject: Re: [Q-List] Fuel Probe for Main Tank

Hi Corbin,

Well is it a float one or a Capacitive one ? What instrument did it feed before ?

Lucky man, the Pilatus is a great aircraft. Watch those hills !!

Rich T.

On 06/05/2022 03:20, Corbin via wrote:

I am not sure which fuel probe I have in my main tank.  I am needing to configure it with the new avionics so I was curious if there was a most common one used in most builds and I could try using that one in the setup.  If not, I will pull mine and look.

Thanks.  FYI....flying a Pilatus to Colorado tomorrow and am looking forward to that!


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