Re: O-200 Engine Mounts?

Jay Scheevel

Hi Robert,


I would take Martin up on his offer. The mass balance arms are needed (also in that box) with the O-200 engine, because of speed. I think he has the cowl that you will need and you will probably find that some of the metal parts you have are so corroded, you would like to have new ones. May be the same with the tail wheel assembly and various cables and hardware. Overall, it would be worth your money to buy this stuff from Martin rather than trying to piecemeal parts as you need them. When you are finished, you can sell what is left over. My 2 cents.





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You mean these here in the box?  If you buy my project you are welcome to them as well as the exhaust, baffling, counter weight arms, rudder pedals and much much more.






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I seem to be striking out on existing O-200 engine mounts. Anyone has plans and specs to have new ones fabricated please?

Thanks Robert
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