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Frankenbird Vern

 Mike.. if Bob or Jim can photo the fail and present it? ..might give some idea of what the cause was.

  Could be from not breaking the sharp edges or possibly the material itself.  .125" is fairly robust so it makes
 me wonder why. 


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There are 6 appendix sheets for the LS1, CS-17 is on the first one.  Send me your phone # Mike and I will send a photo.

Terry Crouch
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Hi all,
I flew my Q200 to Livermore recently to have bob Farnahm ( original builder) help me do my condition inspection. Upon removal of the right elevator we found the midspan hinge was broken. Bob and Jim Patillo have offered to fix in my absence and since I live in Nevada. Problem is none of us can find the LS1 addendum for the Q200. Especially needing the CS17 part to help with the fix. I’ve been on quick heads and Jon finley’ site to no avail. Does anyone have a PDF file you can send me on that topic (maybe Sam that has rebuilt his canard?
Thanks in advance 

Mike Q200.   N200QK.    
pM me please 

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