Re: LS1 midspan hinge repair

Richard Thomson

    Thanks Jim 

    Its on my schedule as an annual check item, along with greasing the hinges and checking the pins.

    I do the check looking for movement at the hinge as a confidence improver on the Pre-taxi. (That will be a Preflight whenever it gets that far).

    I take it the mags are not removed due to the AV30 install?



On 09/05/2022 17:12, Jim Patillo wrote:
Richard, I do that same check but simply pushing up and down on the mid point may not tell the whole story. If the elevator slot and elevator fit closely, there may not be enough room to fully check the movement up and down.  That’s why it’s a good idea to check this at yearly inspection.

Don’t know if the plane was flown here with the mid pivot gone or not. Don’t know if the elevator delay took place in flight or not. 

N46JP Q200 

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    So had Mike flown with this broken support and not realised, or had it broken on the ground ?

    Could the delam on the elevator have been caused by flexing in flight after it failed?

    On my walk around I do a check of the mid point support by gently looking for up and down movement.

    This was suggested by somebody on this list a long time ago and seemed a sensible check to have on my list.

    But I do like Jays solution, its solid. Looks like it could be retrofitable. its on my list of improvements.

    Rich T


On 09/05/2022 15:23, Jim Patillo wrote:
The right elevator mid point mount failed about halfway between the pivot and the floxed in base. We couldn’t determine when or how the failure occurred. However Mike called me in January saying he did have an issue with that elevator making a rubbing noise, on his original flight down to Bolder. 
I looked at my plans for the actual part but couldn’t find it. We must have glued the original template directly on the aluminum before cutting it out. If anyone has an original template available, it would be greatly appreciated since the mount may have been modified to fit a spar instead of a shear web. Sam H, what did you use for a template when you built your new canard? 

The elevator trailing edge was also delaminated about 18”, kinda weird. 

N46JP Q200

PS. I finished the install of my dual AV30’s over the weekend and removed 9.5 lbs from the airplane. No mags, no vacuum system. The mini AHARS have several functions, including EFIS, Legacy and Vintage Displays GPS Arc, etc. 

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 Mike.. if Bob or Jim can photo the fail and present it? ..might give some idea of what the cause was.

  Could be from not breaking the sharp edges or possibly the material itself.  .125" is fairly robust so it makes
 me wonder why. 


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There are 6 appendix sheets for the LS1, CS-17 is on the first one.  Send me your phone # Mike and I will send a photo.

Terry Crouch
Quickie N14TC

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Hi all,
I flew my Q200 to Livermore recently to have bob Farnahm ( original builder) help me do my condition inspection. Upon removal of the right elevator we found the midspan hinge was broken. Bob and Jim Patillo have offered to fix in my absence and since I live in Nevada. Problem is none of us can find the LS1 addendum for the Q200. Especially needing the CS17 part to help with the fix. I’ve been on quick heads and Jon finley’ site to no avail. Does anyone have a PDF file you can send me on that topic (maybe Sam that has rebuilt his canard?
Thanks in advance 

Mike Q200.   N200QK.    
pM me please 

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