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I agree with Sam. Dissimilar electric potential between materials with an electrolyte like dirty water creates a battery.

Iron besides rusting has an electronegative value of 1.8 and Al 1.613 a difference of 0.2 with iron being the cathode and aluminum turning to white powder.

Carbon’s electronegative value is 2.55 and Al 1.613 a difference of 0.937 with carbon being the cathode. The Aluminum will corrode 4.6 time faster electrically coupled to carbon.

I had to cut the elevators off my Dragonfly with a hacksaw when the prop hub failed at Torrance.


On Monday, May 9, 2022, 2:02 PM, Sam Hoskins <sam.hoskins@...> wrote:

No, no, no.

The steel is just fine.  Just don't keep your finished bird unattended in the elements for 10 years.  Do an annual condition inspection, lubricate annually,  and the steel tubes will be just fine.


On Mon, May 9, 2022 at 1:51 PM Robert Schmid <robert@...> wrote:
Given my rescue project was sitting outside for a while, some of the steel tubes/connecting rods are corroded and I am inspecting them all. Some of them I had to cut already so I am wondering if replacing steel connecting rods with carbon tubes is a good idea.

Quickie brain trust … What are your thoughts? Replacing steel with carbon? And yes I know, I still need to watch corrosion due to dislike conductive materials.
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