Re: Electric Reflexor?

Jay Scheevel

I am not quite as dark ages as Sam and not as modern as Jerry.  I do like having direct manual/mechanical control of my reflexor.  I make adjustments at various times in flight. I also have electrically controlled elevator trim.


I use both elevator and reflexor in flight to find a sweet spot for cruise and for approach and landing. To each his own.


This has been said before, but you need to be able to fly and land the airplane when your trim fails. My reflexor is much more powerful affecting the pitch of the airplane, than is the elevator trim, so if my electric elevator trim fails, I still have full stick deflection, and I could also set the reflexor manually to help compensate, I only would have the discomfort of pushing or pulling against the elevator trim springs. If the reflexor went full deflection, as in a runaway servo, I am not sure I could override with elevator, and that would be bad. Thus, my choice of manual (reflexor) and electric (elevator) trim.


BTW, I flew for about a year with no elevator trim device, then I designed a one-off mechanism and added it, just to amuse David Dall 😉




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I guess you can call me old school. I adjust my dark ages manual reflexor before I take off, then once or twice in cruise, then once again in the pattern.




On Wed, May 11, 2022 at 10:58 PM Robert Schmid <robert@...> wrote:

As part of my research for adding a reflexor to "Duckie", I ran into one picture of an electric reflexor setup by Jon Finley I believe, looked like a Ray Allen servo

I will have a VP-X which makes electric trim servos super easy, so I figured I ask. I know I know, this is a shy group ;-) but lets see what different opinions I'll get on an electric reflexor trim setup with the buttons on the stick.

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