Re: AV30 Install

Richard Thomson

Looking good Jim,  If you have removed your vac system, you can save another few ounces by taking your Vac gauge out and fitting a grommet. :-)

Rich T.

On 14/05/2022 16:20, Jim Patillo wrote:

Good morning,

I finally removed the vacuum system from my plane and installed two AV30’s with Wifi Link and OAT probe. See pictures below.

I wanted to maintain the Legacy look,  yet have AHRS/EFIS capability with Wifi interface.
Uavonix does that.

I flew with the new instruments a couple days ago, tweaking parameters for AOA and G Load graphics. 

Next I will do the Magnometer calibration. The new units weigh a couple ounces each. 

N46JP Q00

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