Re: O-200 Exhaust ... Straight pipes or cross?

John Hartley

I'd let it drop, but your snarky, "Your assumptions are incorrect" comments don't set right with me.

Your contributions to racing aren't my discussion - I'm on the sidelines while you're playing the game. When I was on my airshow tour in the spotlight, I presented myself with a little more humility. But you poke, I'll poke back... Thom used to be my hangar neighbor (one exceptional man and pilot, by the way), before he moved to SC. I saw his planes often (almost daily), I've been in his hangar often, I've seen his spare engine, I've seen his engine loaded on the trailer on the way to the race, I've seen his operation. Not assumption, I've seen 1st hand. My other buddy in his RV8 (nitrous) told me, 1st hand, that he carries 2 spare engines to Reno because he runs them so hard (pushing 375hp out of a 180hp engine) they occasionally blow. Also not conjecture - his words, not mine.

A few examples of dead sticks at Reno...
These videos are not my opinion, they are facts. Facts are pesky things.

Quote from Randy Bailey, a reno racer

Again, his words - not my "assumptions". (Full article (interesting read)  available here

Where I did assume... It's not uncommon to have one or more a DNS or DNF in each group of eight. 

I assumed if someone went through the effort to get their plane and equipment there, they'd fly if they were able to safely do so.
Your words, "What data do you have to support this?" "As an F1 racer both at Reno and internationally I can attest your statement is not valid." So sir, I present to you without questioning your integrity, what data do you have that a Formula One will routinely go 2000 hours sans repairs/problems? 

This project, my project, isn't intended to occasionally go as fast as possible for only 3 to 25 miles. It's intended to fly consistently, without a DNS or DNF to all points in the country with minimal breakage or downtime - just like I do with the rest of my planes.

Maybe someday I'll grow the courage to do a couple laps with y'all, hellava race y'all have. Until then, looking for advice from the pros, I humbly asked if anyone has a problem with the stubby stacks or foresaw one. Your reply was to question my integrity. Being a subject matter expert, a more appropriate answer from you may have been... John, in my 3 hours of amateur racing with the exhaust stacks you're talking about, I've had 3 malfunctions with the aircraft. None of those problems had to do with the exhaust. But that's conjecture so I'll leave it alone. 

John Hartley 

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