Re: O-200 Exhaust ... Straight pipes or cross?

Ryszard Zadow

You don’t like that I said your assumptions are incorrect? We’ll let’s examine some more: You’re assuming those DNS’s are for engine failures? I was there, they were not therefor…..your assumption is incorrect.

< pushing 375hp out of a 180hp engine >

You saw Thoms spare engine? Which airframe was that engine for because there are no 180 hp engines in F1.

Once again, your assumption is incorrect.

I applaud your effort and research to discredit me but it’s misguided. As you said, you’re on the sidelines, but rather than listen to someone with years of experience that’s done it, you’d rather try out tremendous effort in attempt prove your wrong statements are right.

Like every forum i’ve ever been on, there’s always “that one guy” and the nice thing about “that one guy” is they always make themselves evident by commenting on things they know not.

I was just reminded of that old saying “Don’t argue with an idiot….”. Nuff said.

On May 15, 2022, at 16:38, John Hartley via <John.hartley1@...> wrote:

pushing 375hp out of a 180hp engine

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