Re: O-200 Exhaust ... Straight pipes or cross?

David J. Gall

Point of reference: A cold-call to Ly-Con about F1 horsepower several years ago resulted in a 1-1/2 hour discussion with their dyno technician. He told me that the O-200s on F1 racers produce about 160-170 hp at 4200-4400 rpm on the dyno at ambient conditions (un-corrected to sea level) at their shop (near sea level).

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I've flown with a steel 4 into 1 exhaust for 22 years. I had the inside and outside coated with  "Jet Hot" a couple times. No cracks. It works for me. 

N46JP Q200

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I have a couple of good firends who race there, one is Thom Richard - Precious Metal and Hot Stuff. No one I know goes there with ONLY the engine on their plane - a usual team has a parts trailer with at least two extra engines because they they eat them so fast - a cost of doing business. 

Get all blustered if you like, turbo, but I see no one dragging around an extra engine or a parts trailer on a $100 hamburger run. Back to my question, for folks who aren't "amazed" by a simple question... are stubby exhaust stacks reliable over an extended time (2000 hrs) or good for only short durations?

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